Dentsensei Dentistry TABC permit 3 Tips to Earn More Money as a Bartender

3 Tips to Earn More Money as a Bartender

Those stories that you hear from bartenders claiming they make $500 in one night aren’t as far-fetched as you might suspect. If you’ve ever worked in this sector, you understand all-too-well how easy it is to rack up big bucks serving alcohol to patrons at various locations. If you plan to work as a bartender in Texas, make sure you have many of those nights of great tips. Use the 3 tips below to earn more money as a bartender.

1- Show Your Personality

When people gather at a bar, they want to indulge in conversation with the bartender, at least for the few seconds it takes to order a drink. This is your time to shine and if you do things right, will earn you another nice tip. Make eye contact, smile, and always have a friendly word or two for the patron.

2- Dress the Part

You should dress in attire that is comfortable, but also suitable for the setting in which you’re working. You may want to show a little more skin that what you’d show in the office. Not only is it fun to show off a little it, it helps those tips come in quicker and when the day is done, that is the ultimate goal.

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3- Great Drinks

Above all else, make the drinks quickly, accurately, and tasty. Make sure you know your stuff behind the bar and your customers will tip well and return to your bar more than others. When you make those regular customers, you start making the great tips.

Don’t forget to renew your TABC permit every two years so you can continue to serve alcohol as a bartender and enjoy the money and the fun for a long time to come.