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What Sort of Dentist Do You Need?

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If you need dental work done, you may be looking through a number of different dentists in order to determine what one to use. Some of them, as you may have noticed, do different things than the other ones do. So what dentist should you go with for your particular problem? Let’s take a closer look at the types of Dental Care Monrovia you may need to consider. 

If you are looking for a dentist that will do a cleaning, fill cavities, or perform other basic dental practices, you are probably looking for a cosmetic dentist. Some of these dentists will also advertise themselves as general dental practices; they’re the same exact thing. They are usually the one you need to go to in the first place. They can help you to figure out if there are deeper issues. If there are, then there are two other types of dentists that you may be able to get a referral to go to.

If you are looking for a dentist that can help with the way that your teeth are spaced, you may need to see an orthodontist; usually that only happens when you’ve seen a dentist first and they suggest it to you. While most people who go to the orthodontists are kids, there are some adults who need to get the same sort of oral care as well.

The other type of dentist that you may come across is called a dental surgeon. While some dental surgeons will do everything that a cosmetic dentist does, others will only focus on dental surgery. Dental surgery includes tooth removal and implants. So, if you need fake teeth put in or trouble teeth taken out (i.e. wisdom teeth), you will probably see a dental surgeon.